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The Cooperation Between TTC Edu (TTC Group) And Takasago (Japan)

Date: 14/08/2017 | View: 102

The Cooperation Between TTC Edu (TTC Group) And Takasago (Japan) In Training Physical Training For Kindergarden

TTC Edu (belong to TTC Group) and Takasago, a Japanese Education Group, signed in the cooperation contract at Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai on the 22th February.

The representative of Takasago Group announces that they will transfer the physical training education programme which is applying at their 25 campuses to Abi Kindergartens, TTC Edu.

Discussing in detail, Takasago Group will send their experts to Vietnam and train for the children the technical, skills in physical training education from the basic to proficiency such as exercises of bent, flexible bridge, rotating and standing up by hands, … Moreover, the Abi’s teachers are trained at Takasago Group’s campuses as well to approach the innovation of Japanese physical training education; then they will apply into their kindergartens in Vietnam.

According to Ms. Nguyen Thanh Diep, the CEO of TTC Edu, besides utilizing the “study manners first and then learn to read and write” education model, TTC Edu also emphasizes on teaching English programme and other activities which build up and develop skills, physical activities for children.

As well – known and reputable Education Group in Japan, Takasago has had 47 years of development experience in operating the after-school education for the primary children (the formal training classes such as physical, language, talent, ….; and the after-school education counsellors. Takasago owns a chain of 25 pre-school and after-school facilities now.

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